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hello i'm rose and i make teen titans gifs on sporadic occasions.

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Teen Titans Theme (Sung by the Titans) by Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Khary Payton & Tara Strong
Teen Titans Theme (Sung by The Titans)
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Those tags were wonderful and i read every word but good lord why didn't you just put them as a comment ;_; i spent like 5 minutes dragging and reading

oh wow thank you!! i’m sorry you had to go through that but grateful you read all of it nonetheless.

normally, i try not to put anything (especially something lengthy) as the caption because i know tumblr etiquette says you don’t delete an op’s caption. but i feel if everyone kept the caption as is, my wall of text would flood people’s—some of who don’t even follow me or like teen titans but follow people who reblogged the gifset—dashes. so think of the tags as a little present for my own followers, or maybe a nuisance depending on how often/much your opinions differentiate from mine.

plus, i’ve always kept a personal code of conduct where i try to be as unbiased as possible on the surface of my blog (aka through all the gifs i make). i know i’m heavily biased towards robstar and bbterra, but i think talking about them overtly in the captions might be too much for people who just don’t ship them. and i want my blog to be a fandom blog where people feel they can follow and not have the owner attack or disregard their otps.

Apr 2nd · 2777 · © · tagged: teen titans robin starfire robstar * NOT ABOUT THIS SCENE BUT REALLY ALL ABOUT THIS SCENE just the progression from her threatening him and him ready to take her down and then the slow recognition in starfire's face and gradual resignation as she realizes she cannot be with robin anymore since he's Breaking Bad what hurts the most is how he also realizes not necessarily the longterm of what she's saying -- of hunting each other down constantly -- but he sees the disappointment and sadness in her face and despite having no problem fighting against his friends he lowers his blaster because starfire means more to him than anyone else and her words cut deeper than a knife and seeing her in this state (he's so used to her being bright and cheery but also powerful and ready to fight no matter the circumstances) is such a Shock to him because he is hit fully with how much she values their friendship - so much that she is giving up all the traits that define her in the face of his betrayal not to mention her life HE SEES WHAT HE CAN DO TO STARFIRE HE PHYSICALLY SEES HOW MUCH SHE IS WILLING TO GIVE HIM there's so much inner struggle with protecting all his friends by following slade's order and protecting starfire this says SO MUCH about them: it shows how robin is putting starfire's life (even temporarily) before everyone else that's not good leadership but that's his weakness. starfire is his weakness. he is completely impulsive with her that he forgets all about his deal with slade until he's abruptly reminded i can talk about this scene forever it touches me on every level you don't need to ship them but you're absolutely blind if you can't see how amazing it is that these series of frames can underline so much about character tension and relationship development

What would you feel like if terra was really a member of Teen Titans? Like forever.

personally, i would self-combust and set off fireworks in front of my house (that may/may not be illegal - i should probably check that), literally yell at everyone i came across, bake a terra cake, eat a TON of waffles (no better way to commemorate such a momentous occasion). the hypothetical day terra would be coronated into the teen titans would become an international holiday by order of the united nations because it would be that amazing.

i’m trying not to be biased, but i totally am because she’s my homegirl. but honestly, i really think terra would’ve been a good addition to the team. she has unparalleled power, and when she teamed up with raven in titan rising, i swear to god i almost peed myself at how awesome they worked together. + terra is super powerful. she singlehandedly took down all five titans. if her powers were used to stop crime, jump city would be the safest place on the planet. it would be so safe that obama could move there without the secret service.

also, bbterra.

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